"The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity." 

-Amelia Earhart. 


We are an independent provider of aviation services to customers in the aviation industry. We provide a wide array of services. If you need a specialty team to come in and get a job done, we can provide that service. We also provide service on an hourly bases. Are you having trouble locating an Aircraft Part ? Reach out to us and we will locate the part for you. Aside from Xcalibur being one of the fastest growing staffing companies in the aviation industry, we also are in the business of selling Certified Aircraft Parts. We are a 1 Stop Shop in the Aviation Industry.


Why would you pick Xcalibur to be your contract house?

What seperates us from the rest? We are Owned and Operated by Mechanics. We have all been contractors before and know what the biggest issues for us were and how to help. We strive to eliminate those issues for our clientele.


Why would you pick Xcalibur to supply you with manpower or any of our other services?

At Xcalibur we strive to supply our customers with top of the line products and services. When it comes to mechanics, we are able to identify and hire the most experienced and quialified mechanics insuring that our customers recieve the very best for their your organization. We ensure our mechanics have adopted the 1 Team mentality which allows our guys to come in and get the job done.


01 Avionics Modifications

02 Engine Removal/Installations

02 Engine Removal

03 Flight Control Removal/

04 Landing Gear
      Removal/ Installation

05 Pylon Modifications

06 Skin Repairs/Replacements


Xcalibur Aircraft Solutions offers certified aircraft parts for sale. We offer parts support even when it is AOG. We are able to locate any part you may be looking for, whether it is common items for a maintenance visit or hard to find parts that don't seem to be available. Whatever your need is let Xcalibur Aircraft Solutions help you. please contact our AOG hotline for assistance needed now.